Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips:

Nonetheless, the natural textured tiles grasp the color of cleaner used. For this, below are few steps explained for cleaning of vitrified tiles with different finishes:

Unpolished Vitrified Tile:

Following would be easy procedure to wash unpolished/unglazed vitrified tile flooring with a minimal/moderate soil on its surface:

  • Simple sweeping by a broom or vacuum the dirt from the floor.
  • For small areas with less stains, you should drench the floor in mixture of cleansing solution and hot water and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes. Just make sure that the cleansing solution doesn’t dry out.
  • For difficult stains, a machine equipped with abrasive scrubber must be used on floor. And for residential purpose, a stiff nylon bristle brush can be used.
  • After scrubbing, just wash off the remaining cleaner on the surface with clear water mop or wet vacuum.
  • Allow it to dry on its own. If the tile is heavily stained, then a more aggressive cleaning method must be used.

Textured Tile:

Some additional procedures are to follow for textured vitrified tiles, because standard wet-mopping might not work here. Regular cleaning in a specific way is required. For cleaning textured surfaces, follow the below instructions:

  • Using a soft bristle broom, sweep the dirt debris from the surface in two directions. First sweep it in the direction of the tile and then in diagonally opposite direction to make sure all unwanted materials are removed.
  • Drench the surface with a solution of neutral cleaner and hot water. Leave it for 5 – 10 minutes followed by a bi-directional scrubbing with a brush.
  • Wash the tile with clear water to remove the cleaner from surface.
  • For locations with high footfalls or wear and tear, it is strongly recommended to scrub the floor and then clean it with wet mop at regular intervals.

Prevention and Safety Measures:

For maintaining vitrified tile floors in the perfect condition, also follow these tips:

  • Don’t use ammonia or cleaners containing any bleach/acid for cleaning purpose. Acid and ammonia-based cleaner might change the original color.
  • Don’t use any oil-based detergents, wax cleaners or sealants.
  • Don’t use cleaners that contain dyes or colours on the unpolished vitrified tiles.
  • Rugs must be kept at outdoor entrances to prevent accumulation of small dirt particles.
  • Never use steel wood pads causing rust stains on the surface of tile.
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