How to select the right tiles

Tiles are available in various sizes, thickness and finishes. These tiles are used for interior and exterior application depending on the need. The exterior tiles have more strength and rigidity as compared to the normal ones, so that they can withstand the extreme climatic conditions of nature like heat, cold, snow or water.

Tips to find the right tile

First and foremost, thing is that the selection of vitrified tile depends on a few basic things like the nature of project, location of application, whether it will have continuous wear and tear or just occasionally. It also depends on the budget of project and the appearance depends on shade of tile, glitter and design.

A few crucial factors must be considered to know the exact requirements for you outdoor tiling project:

  • Location of the renovating space and expected footfall:

    This factor significantly answers one question “Which material to use?”. Depending upon the position and nature of the area where tiling is to be done, the right material for the tiles can be decided. The strength and sturdy tiles must be used in areas where there will be huge footfalls and high rate of wear and tear whereas the general ones must be used in residential areas.

    The perfect material for the project purely depend on the location where the tiles are going to be applied.

  • Traction and Anti-skid property:

    Anti-skid or non-slippery tiles are the best for outdoor application. The places like pool decks, patios, porches or outside areas where snow or rainfall is more can be dangerous for people. With the right finish one can have better traction and grip near the water bodies such as pools, pond area or surface near the fountains which usually have stone tiles like marbles. And slipping on them results in fractures or painful bruises. Thus, its essential to take in to consideration the grip or anti-skid property of tile.

  • Amount of lighting on the renovating space:

    Just like the photographer setting up the lighting for the perfect click, the color of Tile must be selected according to the lighting of the area. Depending on the light, a dark colored tile might look bright and attractive but can look dull and insane if the lighting is not sufficient. The thumb rule for selection of color which must always be considered is, “Always pick dark colored tiles for outdoor places with sufficient lighting and light color tiles for low light areas”. This can help you avoiding the unconventional combination of light and dark tiles.

  • Fashion and appearance of the renovating space:

    The selection of vitrified tiles is majorly influenced by the fashion of the area being renovated, home or perhaps your garden. Choosing the tile according to your vogue and style, required you know what you’re craving for.

    If the house has a heritage feel, then you should select the tile with the rustic look for your garden, or else going with the sharp and edgy tiles for the contemporary style houses.

    The fashion and aura of the house can be kept intact by selecting the perfect tiles for the look to be indigenous.

  • Color combination – Go with the flow or go against it:

    Your style decides the color combination, whether sleek, simple or fun and bright. Going with the flow means matching your pavers with the color of your house walls. And going against it means the choosing a contrasting color for the pavers result in wide variety of beautiful colors.

    You can also select the sombre looking universal colors like white, brown, grey and black.

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