Product Profile

Victory Ceratech gives complete solution to wall and floor tiles by providing a vast range of ceramic and vitrified tiles in different sizes and ranges.

Wall Tiles:
We have a wide range of wall tiles with glossy & matt finish which is ideal for all wall application areas
Sizes Available: 300x600mm, 300x450mm

Floor Tiles:
These sizes have a natural and rustic finished surface with anti-skid properties suitable for exterior & interior applications. Victory Ceratech has matt finish tiles with a wide range of designs in all sizes.

Sizes Available: 600x1200mm, 200mmx1200mm, 200x1000mm,600x600mm, 147x600mm,396x396mmx8mm, 300x300mm & Outdoor Tiles: 396x396mmx12mm

Vitrified Tiles:
Vitrified tiles are smooth, glossy and stronger as compared to ceramic tiles. Vitrified tiles are non-porous. Hence they are more resistant to water . We have 2 types of vitrified tiles:

Double Charged Tiles In sizes of 800x800mm and 600x600mm
Nano Tiles in the size of 600x600mm

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