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Digital Wall Tiles Tiles are fast becoming the latest accessories for making that bold and personal statement in residential/ commercial environments. With a steady and rising demand for digital tiles in India, designers are now looking towards unique style statements on the walls of rooms as well. Promising to enhance the aesthetic appeal of just about any space such as offices, stores, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or even exteriors, the tiles at VCPL are designed keeping in mind the taste of urban dwellers and those looking for the best solutions for their walls. In other words, our digital wall tiles lend an eclectic expression through the endless possibilities of designs that can be printed on them.

Different Sizes and Finish

There are three different sizes available for wall digital tiles. Within the range of the sizes, there are a variety of finishes that you can select from to add an elegant look to your walls.

Digital Wall Tiles at VCPL

Based upon these sizes, which are suitable for both commercial as well as personal use, different textured tiles appropriately reflect different styles to create exquisite looks. For instance, our tiles with metallic textures and patterns in colours like gold, copper or silver always lend a very opulent look to impart a high-end, luxurious finish. Digital tiles give you to the option of personalizing the crucial aspects of your decor through pictures, prints or text created by high resolution printing modes as well.

Make a unique statement that is exclusive to just your space and flaunt your personality by selecting these smartly designed wall tiles in India. Contact us for more details on digital wall tiles—we will be happy to assist you.